The Story of Four Falls

As many people know I fell about 10 years ago, 10 feet, approximately. I was working on a construction site, and perhaps I didn’t set the ladder up correctly or it was just bad luck, but the ladder slid out from under me and down I went. That fall messed me up, Permanently. As much is I gripe and complain about it I know for a fact I’m in the lucky to be alive department. One day in the store I met a man he had a prosthetic leg and hoping I wasn’t too far out of line I cracked a joke about the other person, he laughed a little, and we started talking and he told me that he had fallen 200 feet in a paragliding accident, Wow. Put my 10 foot fall to shame. Then we talked a little bit about injuries and such and walked away.

We both walked.

I have a friend who wasn’t so lucky, on vacation in Mexico he took a wrong step off of a porch took a 3 foot tumble partial sever of the spinal cord, he was in a wheelchair. It took him some time and work to learn to walk again.

I went with him to Craig Hospital in Denver – they specialize in spinal cord injuries. A woman who was there had a story- one early morning in the usual way, she leaned over to kiss her husband good morning, and as blankets do they collected on the floor and she tripped. Complete sever of the spinal cord she will never walk again.

These were four falls and four injuries. We were all hurt permanently but the most severe of which was the most minor and common place of falls and that will never heal.

This is a story of privilege.

We have living around us people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and personal temperament. The thickness of skin can differ, what can we let roll off our backs, what hurts us to the core.

Ways of saying we are each unique in our handling of situations.

The word you say to someone can be just as paralyzing as a complete server to the spinal cord and just as painful.

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