Am i a Bahá’í?

Every time I begin to have problems in life and with the community, The Friends, and my faith shaken, the words spoken at a youth camp when I was 14 years old ring through my head,

“a Bahá’í youth is popular, a Bahá’í youth is a leader, a Bahai Youth does well in school, you must strive to be a Bahá’í youth“

I was none of these things, slow, very unpopular in school and in the youth group, and anything but a leader.

Was I a Bahá’í?

At 15 I signed my card, and national lost it.

Was I a Bahá’í?

Now older still i am none of this, am not popular, I have very few to no close friends, communication is very difficult for me, i don’t see things the same as the rest of the Bahá’ís, often feeling unwelcome and excluded.

But i am a Bahá’í!

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