We know that to help the poor and to be merciful is good and pleases God, but knowledge alone does not feed the starving man, nor can the poor be warmed by knowledge or words in the bitter winter; we must give the practical help of loving-kindness.”
(Abdu’l-Baha, Abdu’l-Baha in London, p. 60)

When I was at Baha’i youth Hands Across America was a nationwide event to bring awareness to hunger in America. The Baha’i youth wanted to participate, and I convinced my parents that we should do that too.

The Baha’i’s were going to go downtown and join the line. However my father said if you look there asking for people out by the mesa’s outside of the cities, that was the greatest need.

My father took this opportunity to teach me a lesson about service.

Service isn’t going to where it is convenient for you, it is about going where the greatest need is within your capacity.

In October I gave a presentation at World Hunger Day hosted by the Interfaith Hunger Coalition on an agricultural cooperative I was working for and it’s relevant to the Baha’i faith and me. There I met a Imam from the Lighthouse mosque. they had been feeding the homeless sack lunches on Thursday evenings for the last year and was giving a presentation on that trying to gain support from other faith organizations. When we spoke to him he probably invited the Bahá’ís to join him, saying that the divide between the two faith communities was the old world, we are Americans, we need to act Unified.

two weeks prior by Thursdays cleared up, I was actually looking forward to having a day off, LOL!

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