A reflection on hearing loss

I grew up with disabilities pertaining to communication.

Speech impediment, auditory processing disorder and dyslexia what fun!

There still with me today of course, but I have always felt limited by them, inferior, and with less of an ability to contribute to the transformation of humanity than others. My contributions were limited by my disability.

That is what we are taught by the this dying order of our culture, you must fit into the perfect form, you must be “eloquent in your speech” to be a full contributor and to be respected.

When I Was first diagnosed with hearing loss my first thought was “oh God one more thing I can’t communicate as it is now I can’t hear them as well as I understand them.”

Why do i fall for this false paradigm?

Unity in diversity, not uniformity, is the goal, it is the Law.

Each person is different we all have abilities and we all have disabilities depending on who makes the decision.

Perhaps you can lead a group discussion, talk at ease in a crowd, remember every detail and i can’t. So I’m not eloquent in my speech, I say things wrong on a regular basis, I don’t always read well and I read very slow, and now I can’t quite hear what you say. So what. You can’t do everything I can do, and my contributions matter.

Maybe there is something i can do you cannot or maybe not but it doesn’t matter because my contributions to this Cause matter, or i would not have been summed to It.

Thy letter was received. Thou has written ‘I am not worthy.’ Who is worthier than thee? Hast thou not been worthy, thou wouldst not have turned to God and wouldst not have wished to enter the Kingdom.

Thy worthiness has guided thee until this blessing and bounty have encompassed thee.

Abdul-bahá Fire and Gold pg 212

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