I am always trying to fix things. I always felt it was my responsibility to fix things/people that are wrong. Where did this ego of mine get the idea not only that it could but it was its responsibility to fix everything? Taking on responsibilities for other people. This is the definition of codependence, and of been raised in an alcoholic household, for me.

A friend told me I don’t deal with stress well. The reality is, I take to much stress on that is not mine and nobody can deal with that much.

When i am losing my detachment from other people and their problems i cannot handle any stress because i have theirs as well as mine. Anger when people don’t change the way i want. Which leads to a feeling of unworthiness.

Thy letter was received. Thou has written ‘I am not worthy.’ Who is worthier than thee? Hast thou not been worthy, thou wouldst not have turned to God and wouldst not have wished to enter the Kingdom.

Thy worthiness has guided thee until this blessing and bounty have encompassed thee.

Abdul-bahá Fire and Gold pg 212

The Baha’i faith just seems to feed codependency very well with its focus on service. I believed i was being obedient to the writings in serving everybody even when it is a detriment to myself.

Abdu’l-Bahá moved, on the 27th, to the hotel in Rue Lauriston where He had stayed before. He was very tired, and needed a few days’ rest before people learned where He resided.  (H.M. Balyuzi, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá – The Centre of the Covenant, p. 393)

But i needed to learn to be just with myself as well as with others.

Be patient with others and our own selves

We must not only be patient with others, infinitely patient!, But also with her own poor selves, remembering that even the Prophets of God sometimes got tired and cried out in despair!

Written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi Fire and Gold pg 223

from the writings i find things on self care and rest.

990. Protect Your Health by Sleeping Enough

“Regarding your question: There are very few people who can get along without eight hours sleep. If you are not one of those, you should protect your health by sleeping enough. The Guardian himself finds that it impairs his working capacity if he does not try and get a minimum of seven or eight hours.”

Excerpt From: Helen Bassett Hornby. “Lights of Guidance.”

It is now your duty as a Bahá’í, and specially as a young believer who has still great services to render the Faith, to make every effort to recover your health, and to be confident that by making such an effort you will be attracting the confirmations of Bahá’u’lláh, without which no true and lasting healing is possible.”

(From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer, July 17, 1937)”

The necessity of rest and relaxation

… you should not neglect your health, but consider it that means which enables you to serve. It-the body-is like a horse which carries the personality and spirit, and as such should be well cared for so it can do it’s work! You should certainly safeguard your nerves, and force yourself to take Time, and not only for prayer and meditation, but for real rest and relaxation.

written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi

Fire and Gold pg 223

Working on it.

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