A note from Pilgrimage

In May of 2014, my family and i went on pilgrimage. previously I had been very sick, and was concerned that if I didn’t go then I would never have the strength to go. So even though we couldn’t afford it we went.

One thing I learned was that soon as people find out that you were going to Haifa they tell you what it’s going to be like. Everyone told me that I would start bawling in the shrines, and that how the mind would just wonder to everything while they were trying to pray. They said it would be a life-changing spiritual event. And also that my husband with the declare in Haifa because he would see.

The idea of the mind wandering was really normal for me. My mind had never been still as long as I can remember. And the first time I heard the recording of Abdul-bahá Baha chanting I cried for what seemed like an hour.

First off we will say no my husband did not declare. However, he did get the answer to one of his prayers, he got the entire two weeks to spend with my/our son. Richard and I married when Zachary was eight years old and he was dad before we took our vows. So for two weeks the two of them were completely inseparable and just talked the entire time . It was an incredible gift for both of them.

for me I went and did my own thing.

So the first time I went into the shrine of Abdul-Bahá I broke down and bawled!

When I went to the Shrine of the Báb for private prayer each time it was very interesting. The first time I went in after my prostration at the threshold it was as if a lead weight blanket had been laid over my brain. My mind stopped! It was very difficult to deal with the silence as i had never encountered it before. I now like silence and don’t need music all the time.

Another time I kneeled and placed my head to the ground and my back popped so loudly some people looked at me. Boy did that feel good! And who knew the Bab was a chiropractor too.

Hunger, i began eating on a exact regimen. Something that i had never done before.

My inner ear drained, improving my balance greatly. Now i don’t fall like i did before.

So Pilgrimage helped my physical health in many ways. Not to say there wasn’t a lot of spiritual things going on too!

Since then and day by day I keep working on regaining my health and healing from a fall I took 11 years ago. (and diet issues we have here)

The use of diet and exercise as prescribed by Abdul-Baha. I look back at the time since the fall off a ladder in 2006 and how far I’ve come. It’s been a journey.

I was able to return to the Holy Land in May of this year and go to the Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh. during my four days, every time I went into the Shrines I would start coughing! It was as if my upper sinuses or my ear was draining down the back of my throat like when I’m crying. I still can’t figure out what that was about!

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