JR Youth

I️ guess one will start with is the junior youth program. Trying to wait or find all the wonderful stories that I read in what I️ am doing keeps me from writing and discussing some of the subjects. I seem to find them more of a test perhaps they should be.

I️ help out every once in a while with a group that started not far from the neighborhood I grew up in. It’s a mostly Hispanic area and I grew up platinum blonde, a little more red now. So I was one of three “white kids” in the entire school elementary. I would get beaten up on a regular basis and was very unpopular, but the white kids were very popular Topped it off with not being Christian (which was not liked) Developmentally delayed and in special classes, so very socially awkward made it kind a rough. Of course looking back now the kids could’ve just been retaliating for special treatment, either for being white or the extra attention I needed to in class.

So now I’m working with kids in this area some of whom were my school bullies. The first group I worked with I found especially challenging after one of the kids in their class work it was killed by his mother their apathy to the subject was difficult for me. And then I met with silence at the reflection gathering when I sought guidance on the subject. It was actually one of the youth who pulled me aside and started talking about the troubles he had with his first your new youth group. He had to get between the junior youth and their parent to keep them from getting beaten up.

That was a number of years ago the group we have now has a course of about four kids in the older group and the younger one has a quarter about three. None of these kids are Bahai. The older group some of whom were in the children’s class I taught at the same place it’s been pretty spectacular to see them growing up and with their families moving away from that apartment complex. Through a lot of hardships we been able to keep that group together driving down to whatever location so that we can have a place to meet.

One of the girls is has moved, and she is being bullied at her new school. For me that brought up my time as a middle score and when five of my bullies cornered me in the gym bathroom and took a combination lock to me. It’s only remember about that year.

So what we’re doing is two of us are taking turns picking her up from school and dropping her off at her at her moms apartment. It has been very difficult for me to remain consistent in the junior youth program.

I pray for detachment.

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