OK why is the woman who uses ivory foundation too darken her skin talking about racism? The reality it is everybody’s responsibility to not only reflect but act against this ugly reality. Growing up as a Baha’i I was taught, we are one race the human race, but we can’t ignore this social division in our society and world. A prime example of the difference in our society is the black hoodie. While staying at an Airbnb in Jamaica New York I sat out in the early morning wrapped up in my black hoodie and black pants. A woman came out and I startled her, she let out a small squeal, I apologize for scaring her, we both laughed and it was over. I walked around this black neighborhood in complete safety. And I realized a black man or woman would not be able to walk around my neighborhood in safety.

An interesting social experiment to perform on the subject, make reservations at a restaurant on two different occasions, the first time have the white person show up first, and the second have a black person show up first. See where you’re seated. It was shocking to see the difference in some places.

Now is not the time to ignore racial differences. Now is the time to look around critically and see social inequities in the ugly realities of our society. We can’t change the past but we can change the future, let’s build one with justice, equity and equality.

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