How did I become a Bahá’í? 

I was born into a Bahá’í family, my mother became a Bahá’í in about 1963 and my Father in 1978 ( I was 7).  Which had its advantages and disadvantages.  I found I took some things for granted and did not study or seek my own understanding of what the writings said.

It is every persons duty to seek and understand with their own eyes.  Not to blindly follow but

It is every person’s duty to see can understand with Their own eyes what the writings say on each subject. Not to blindly follow those around them just because they’re older or wiser.

This was the disadvantage growing up as a Bahá’í.  As a child you take the word of the adults  for everything and I was not given the guidance to look it up answers on my own. Some of the old attitude “do as I say not as I do” still carried into the community confusing me when I became a junior youth. I didn’t seem to fit into the community and questioned whether it really was a Bahá’í. With national lost my card that I signed on my 15th birthday I didn’t sign another.

From the age of 15 to the age of 24 I took care of things with no real religious affiliation. After being divorced and single mother with two kids I started looking, my children needed something.   I went to the Christian church friends went to but sermon was very divisionary. The idea that we are all one human family of my Bahá’í is what brought me back. So one day a woman so sitting at a table at a Bahá’í at the University and I walked up to her and said give me my card. I was ready to sign another one.

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